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A non-judgmental
sex party for men.

Including consensual Bareback.

Health update

There seems to be a rise in Syphilis in the city. Please be aware of this and be responsible. Get checked and treated if needed.
We all want to have fun.

A playful gathering of likeminded men where desires, urges and primal instinct bring your deepest sexual fantasies to life. 


Our events are a comfortable and safe space filled with a mix sexually charged men of all ages.

We expect that all guest support and understand consensual sex, whatever way you like it, is the best kind of sex.


The club boasts two floors of sex and play spaces that include: 

  • Secluded dark areas

  • Private Booths

  • Maze 

  • Slings

  • Fuck benches

  • Full bar

  • Wet Wipes, Lube and Condoms are provided.

  • More!

Join us to see it all for yourself. 

"a hard man is easy to find"