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What kind of sex party is this?

Some of our parties are large & some are smaller, but they are always sexually charged. We set up slings, benches and dark areas for play. Along with small, 2-person booths on the upper level, if you’re a little more reserved. All our events welcome consensual bareback sex.

BONUS: We provide some of the basics (Wet-wipes, Water-based Lube & condoms for those that choose to use them). 


Do I have to play bareback?

Nope, you’re free to have the kind of sex you want. As long as it’s consensual, do your thing. 

The majority of our guests enjoy barebacking, but we’ve got condoms available all over the venue to make sure people that are more comfortable with condom sex can also have a good time. 

We expect that all our guests attend our events with an understanding of the possible ramifications and take the proper precautions (and play accordingly).

Take the necessary steps to keep yourself healthy. Get tested frequently, and if you're HIV-negative, talk to your doctor about PrEP.
If you’re HIV-positive, get on meds and take them diligently. Undetectable = Untransmittable — to learn what this means, click


What should I wear/ Is there a dress code? 

In short, wear whatever you want, even if that means buck naked.
A lot of guys wear their underwear, most just wear a Jock. We’ve had men in all kinds of gear from full leather to business suits and all the fun stuff between.


We’ve also got some recommendations to help you along: 

Tall sport socks: They’re an easy place to keep your ID, credit card, cash, poppers, lube & other small essentials — especially when you’re in a jockstrap or naked from the knee up. An added bonus is they can look really sexy to anyone with even a mild sport fetish.


Sneakers/Boots: Sandals might seem like a good idea but trust us, you’ll wish for shoes when the floors get slippery, etc. 


Is there a place I can store my clothes/stuff?

You bet there is! We offer clothing check complementary with the price of admission.
Remember: If you check your all your clothes, you’ll still need a place to store your essentials which includes your check ticket (see above regarding socks).
Tip: Keep (small) things in your socks or wear zippered wrist cuff or 
armband with a pocket.

DO's & DON'Ts

DO be aware of body language — yours and others.

In party settings, consent can be non-verbal sometimes. If a guy is in the fuk-wall, ass-up on a fuk bench or chilling out in a sling, he’s likely giving non-verbal consent, but it’s still a good idea to get the “ok”.


While some scenarios seem obvious, other situations might not be so clear. Be aware of your body language and the body language of others, and remember that non-verbal consent gets harder to read when you add alcohol and other substances. 

DON’T have sticky fingers - It’s a shame this even needs be said. 

While the vast majority of our events see good guys come in, we can’t ever be sure who attends. So, be careful with any valuables you choose to carry with you during your time at our event(s). 

If a thief is caught that person will be forbidden from entering any of our future events and will also be permanently barred from the club. This, in addition to any police involvement.


DO clean up after yourself (please)

Sex parties have a certain amount of “expected mess”. However, if you get lube all over a private sex booth or sling, wipe it off when you're done. If someone else wants to use it after you they may not love the idea of playing in your mess.


DON’T let rejection ruin your night.

Rejection is never easy, but the reality is some guys will want you and some won’t. Rejection is nothing to fear and quite a normal part of attending any sex event. 


If/when rejection happens one-on-one try not to let it get you down. When it happens in a group setting, look for the guys who do seem interested you and play with them! It’s usually nothing personal and defiantly nothing to worry about. Play with the guys who click
with YOU.

Also, because our parties are always such a mixed group of men, it’s possible not click with anyone. Consider your options and remember there's always next time! Check our upcoming events page for the info. 


DO prepare your “No”.
this can be simply gently shifting someone’s hand away, but sometimes guys don’t get the hint when you’re not interested, or that you're simply finished playing with them. So, be explicit: “I’m looking to play with other guys” or “I’m going to walk around a bit.” If you get followed around, be blunt -  “Please, stop following me.” or “Sorry, man, I’m not interested.” 


DON’T freak out if you see someone you know.

You’re both there for the same reason. Accept it and be chill.
If you spot a co-worker, old flame, past hookup, friend, or neighbour, don’t make it awkward. Decide what to do between the two of you without drawing attention away from the fun.

Note: If you spot an ex-bf that ended badly or an arch enemy, nobody but you and that person care about the drama. So, do your best to behave like mature adults and keep the party out of your situation.


DO plan to get tested after — as a reasonable, health-conscious adult.
Sex parties are awesome (that's why we host them) — especially when you take proper self-care. Get full-range testing for sexually-transmitted infections approximately ten days after any sex party.
If you're a frequent guest at sex parties, we suggest getting tested every 3-months at a minimum (or more frequently if you're a real piggy).
If you catch an STI, take a break until it clears up. This is just part of being a responsible, sexually active adult.


DON’T carry your phone.
Enjoy unplugging while doing some "plugging" ;)
We ask that our guests not carry their phone as a courtesy to all attendees.

If you need to use your phone, step outside to make the call for your ride, etc. Don’t get stuck cruising the apps on your phone when other guys are at the same party and ready to play - be present and enjoy the moment you're in.


DO try something new. 

If you’re a top who wants to bottom or if you’re curious about getting fucked in a sling, try it at our party! There’s no commitment, no history, no partner you have to please (unless you come with your partner - and that's hot). 

Seeing something hot & hardcore — or better yet, being part of it — is part of the fun. Any sex party requires a degree of inhibition in order to be fully enjoyed. Be openminded. It's OK to be s little scared, but when the fear bubbles up, try not to let it win. We think you'll surprise yourself.

DON’T feel pressure to perform.
Many guys find their best sexual performance happens in pressure-free, expectation-free sex parties. Which we always try to be! 
While it’s good to have fantasies, don't let them become expectations. Every sex party is different and that's the best part.


DO bring your own poppers.
In Toronto, poppers are hard to come by. Many guys get justifiably annoyed if you ask to use them and suddenly they're gone. We’ve seen too many bottles get passed from one guy to the next guy until they disappear into the crowd. 

DON'T be messy.

It's easy to get carried away but it's not cute to get carried out. Try not to overdo it (whatever IT is that you're doing). Also, don't be the guy at the party that's gossiping about another person's behaviour, it just makes you look trashy.

Keep you chill and the party will stay fun for everyone.


DO protect the privacy of your playmates. 
Like Vegas, what happens at FUKd, STAYS at FUKd.


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